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Goodwood Park was established at Allora nearly 20 years ago by the present Owners who moved their operation back to their home state after successfully running a stud near Scone in NSW. 
Their aim was to establish a breeding farm for thoroughbreds on some of the richest country Australia has to offer and today the benefit of the move can be seen in Goodwood Park horses. Big, strong, healthy Mares are producing well boned Foals who thrive on their part of the prime horse country that is known as "the Downs".
Goodwood Park is for Owners who love their horses - are you one of those?


If you’ve never been with a foaling Mare

In the quietness of the dawn

And watched as her foal on spindly legs

Claimed a life of it’s own…

If you’ve never nurtured and helped it grow

To take it’s place in the stall

And see it’s nose “first past the post”

You haven’t lived at all!

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